About the Health Data Day

About the Health Data Day

Health data. A term that constantly occupies the headlines. The new gold - a way to solve the countless puzzles we still have in health. The promises are great, the visions no less. Countries such as Sweden and Norway have expressed a desire to become the best at "e-health".

But the reality is difficult. The collection and use of health data exposes us to major challenges. This applies to the legal, the technical, the semantic and simple questions of ownership and responsibility.

With Health Data Day, we put the spotlight on very basic challenges such as "what is health data" and "how should health data be stored, shared and analyzed".

Managing health data in a digitalized world is a key element in succeeding in the transformation to a better and data-driven health system. It is about a secure technical infrastructure, good standards, legal framework and a good ethical foundation.

EHiN has a long tradition of bringing together various players from Norway and abroad across the private and public sectors. It is precisely at the meeting point between the IT industry, the public sector, innovation, research and health that the use of health data is rooted.

Health data has value in many areas - for you as an individual, for society, for clinical use, for research on new treatment methods, for the public sector, for innovation and for value creation in business. That value can be much greater if we make better use of the resources and expertise.

The Health Data Day focuses on the question of how we in Norway and the Nordic countries can have good management of health data, so that we can build values ​​and innovation on it.